Stereoscopic rotator - Sigma 8mm f3.5

£ 295.00 GBP

The Stereo Atome rotator kit is specifically for the Sigma 8mm f3.5 lens. The kit consists of:

1. Stereo plate adaptor

2. 2 x 7.5º tilted nodal

3. 2 x Y support including locking clasp

4. 2 x Lens ring for Sigma 8mm f3.5 lens.

5. 24 stop rotator base for accurate stereo stitching

5. All the required M4 screws and hex keys

You can use the stereo kit with only ONE camera and lens, simply shoot the right panorama first then switch to the left. This single camera method works for situations with minimal movement. For more dynamic scenes we highly recommend using two identical camera and lens set-ups.

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