Atome Canon 8-15mm

£ 295.00 GBP

The Atome is our precision panoramic rotator deisgned exclusively for use with fisheye lenses.

The Atome was designed to make the shooting of panoramic images and quick and pain free as possible.

Main benefits for the photographer include:

  • Super slim lens rings, allows 100% lens functionality
  • One finger quick release feature, quickly switch between panoramas and still photography
  • Twin bearing set-up reduces camera shake improving image sharpness, removing image ghosting during HDRi creation.

The Canon 8-15mm f4.0 Atome features the first tilted design to allow the creation of full 360 x 180 degree panoramic images.
The 7.5 degree tilt improves the stitching quality at the zenith.

The Canon 8-15mm f4.0 ships as standard with a 6 stop rotator. Option detents of 3,4,8 or 12 stops are available.

Note #1 The 6 stop version of the Atome 8-15mm can be used from 8mm through to 15mm.
If you want to only shoot at 8mm please select the option 4 stop detent

Will the Atome work with my tripod ?

YES, as long as your tripod has either a 3/8" thread or 1/4" thread then it's compatible with the Atome. We do however recommend a professional level tripod with a 3/8" thread.

Can I use a quick release plate with the Atome ?

You sure can, again any accessory that has a 1/4" or 3/8" thread is compatible. We do recommend attaching the Atome directly to the tripod.

Does the Atome have click-stops or do I have to guess the correct angle ?

Yes it has click-stops, the Atome uses a twin-bearing, sealed ball plunger set-up with a stainless steel base for extremely accurate click stops. Simply rotate the Atome and it will automatically click into the next correct position for your lens.

Can I use my non-fisheye lenses with the Atome ?

We're afraid not, the Atome is a single row panoramic rotator. It's sole design criteria was for use with fisheye lenses. This allowed us to keep the Atome as small, light and as simple as possible. We offer a full range of panoramic heads for use with all lenses.

Can I change the number of the click stops ?

Yes, the stainless steel base in the Atome sets the number of click stops. Swapping over the bases takes less than two minutes. We have Atome bases from 2 stops up to 12 stops. Instructions for changing the bases can be found in the manual section.

Can I use different lenses with my current Atome ?

Yes, as the Atome is completely modular you can re-configure your Atome for use with different lenses. In same cases you might only need an additional lens ring. For example, the Sigma 8mm base with 7.5º tilt can be used with the Canon 8-15mm, Samyang 8mm and Samyang 7.5mm.

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As simple as possible in use

Posted by Unknown on 22nd Dec 2015

This product is worth any penny you spend. This is a real time saver. Just place your tripod with mounted Atome Pano Head and began shooting.
Haptiks and workmanship are really exceptional good.

Simple,fast,and precise

Posted by ATA Photography (Thailand) on 24th Jun 2015

The product is easy to install and use. I have ordered 3 sets already.Thank you for the invention of this great product.

As an Amateur Panographer ...

Posted by Anton on 15th Jul 2014

... I started with a home made adapter for my Canon EF 8-15 Fisheye. As this was built just for one Body in combination with the Fisheye-zoom, I had to rethink this after buying a new body. After a long time of consideration what product it could be, I choose the Atome for the Canon 8-15 because of the posibility to see the distance scale and to handle the switche for AF/MF with the ring mounted.
By now I'm fully satisfied with my Atome - shooting is fast and the missing part in the Nadir is small.

The only thing I miss is the ability to quickly lock the rotator while using a monopod or while moving a tripod from one shooting spot to the next. At the beginning, the self revolving rotator gave me some serious heart attacks ;)


Sehr gutes Produkt - Very good product

Posted by Kosin24 on 17th Jun 2014

Ich bin voll und ganz zufrieden, sehr schnelle Lieferung nach Deutschland VIELEN DANK

"I am fully satisfied, very fast delivery to Germany THANK YOU"

Excellent service and product

Posted by Terry on 16th Jun 2014

I bought the Atome for the Canon 8-15mm to replace my Atome for Sigma 8mm which was stolen.
The product is great, it works as intended, the fit to the 8-15 lens is really neat and the 360 degree panos this setup creates work just great - no stitching errors in PTGui
Along with my Gitzo Series 1 carbon fibre traveller tripod, this is the perfect setup for taking 360 degree panos while on the move.
Now how much easier do you want it to be?

Best Panohead!

Posted by Carmen Rodwell on 12th Jan 2016

This is the second panohead we ordered. We loved the first one so much that we had to order the second one. Precise, easy to use and looks great on the camera. Thank you 360Precision and for the prompt shipping and the perfect customer service!

360° Precision Panohead

Posted by Carmen Rodwell on 11th Nov 2015

This panohead is absolutely perfect. Fits good, works good and is a must for 360° spherical photos. Excellent product and the shipping was so quick, we couldn't believe it. From UK to Canada in 2 days, excellent product and service. Thank you!!

Easy to use!

Posted by Chris on 28th May 2015

Alles hat besten funktioniert. Von der Onlinebestellung über die Statusmeldungen der Bestellung und der Lieferung - einfach TOP! Atome Canon 8-15mm Rotator ist einfach im Handling und kann so jederzeit schnell eingesetzt werden.

Great tool - great job!
Greetings from Switzerland

Great tool for my job

Posted by Slava on 16th Jan 2015

I was looking for a pano head to do Google Trusted Photographer (GTP) shots. I was choosing between NN R10 head and Atome. Since I'm working in premium price segment I went for more expensive option which is Atome. I prefer expensive equipment since (for some reason) this looks better from customer point of you.
Anyway, packaging is awesome, and product build quality is excellent. I was expecting to see the Quick Guide showing how to assemble the device but it was not in the package. So I went online but manual was for different product/lens type. I was using photo as a reference instead. Not big deal but instruction would definitely help. Another thing - I wanted to mount it on camera plate which is 1/4 but pano head 3/8 (mounting directly to tripod column). So I bought 1/4 to 3/8 adapter for my plate.
I would recommend this product to all GTP as it look and feel awesome and does it job!


Posted by D Thompson on 18th Aug 2014

360 Precision's customer service is outstanding! I just received the Atome Canon 8-15mm and am very impressed with it.

The build quality is superb! The design is very sleek and gives complete functionality to lens. The initial setup is very quick and final results from the rotator are flawless! I would highly recommend ordering this rotator.

love it!

Posted by Jose Limon on 4th Jul 2014

I took my product into a local camera shop and they were impressed by it. Great build! Strong and the stops are nice and deep so you know when you've turned the 90. Compact and personally ... I like the red.