QR Plate - D610

£ 49.50 GBP

The Speede Quick Release plate is the only multi-camera pin registered quick release plate available. The Speede QR plate is arca-swiss compatible and can be used with any compatible QR mounting system/clamp.

Main Benefits 

1. Anti-twist pin registration
2. User movable anti-twist pin
3. One plate covers up to TEN camera bodies.
4. Arca-Swiss compatible.

The Speede was designed to take the place of multiple custom camera plates. Instead of using custom contoured  plates for each camer we use a simple movable pin system. The pin locates into the base of the camera using the same registration hole as used by the battery grip. If you upgrade or change cameras simply move the pin to the correct position.
Not only does the pin provide a strong anti-twist fit but also allows for an instant level fit to the camera base.

This version ships with the pin in the correct position for the Nikon D610.

The camera plates come in two options.

Compatible with:

1. Nikon D7000
2. Nikon D7100
3. Nikon D7200
4. Nikon D600
5. Nikon D610
6. Nikon D800 (requires screw-in attachment)
7. Nikon D810 (requires screw-in attachment)
8. Nikon D500 (requires screw-in attachment)
9. Nikon D850 (requires screw-in attachment)


The Speede ships
• QR plate,
• 2 x 4mm thread bosses with 2.5mm hex head

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