Carbone - Nikon

£ 475.00 GBP

A quick list of what we believe makes the Carbone unbeatable:

1. Custom weaved 10mm carbon fibre tubes.
2. T6082 high grade alloy. Stronger and lighter than T6061
3. Vapour honed surface finish removes all machine marks.
4. MilSpec type III hard anodised.
5. Twin bearing set-up for smooth and precise detenting.
6 .Brass detent rings for long life and great feel.
7. Chemically etched stainless steel scales and marker rings.
8. Super strong and light (445grams)Looks and feels awesome.
9. Makes you happy every time you get to use it.

These materials and processes not only create a product that's awesome to use but a joy to own.

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Happy camper with the Carbone Panoramic Tripod Head

Posted by Unknown on 17th Oct 2015

I am returning to 360 spherical work after a many year break. I am using the Nikon D810 and the Nikon 10.5 fisheye lens with my new Carbone Panoramic Tripod Head. The new tripod head was sent pre calibrated for my camera lens combination, making it a truly out of the box ready to use experience. My first set of images stitched perfectly in PTgui without the need for any manual input control points. My favorite feature of the unit is the light weight. I am planning to try some multi-row pano stitching as well and will enjoy the units support for that. Great product!

The perfect pano head?

Posted by Andrew on 6th Nov 2014

Well, if perfection were really to exist it would have to come from the minds of 360precision...and this one has to be pretty close. I've used my Ultimate for many years now and didn't imagine I could ever leave it behind, but the Carbone is so crazy light and strong (and adjustable) that there's just no contest. Carrying this thing around is a dream. I'll have to protect it more than I had to the Ultimate, which is built like a tank, but it's such a beautiful piece of technology that I can't help but want to protect it anyway. Highly recommended.

The most versatile panohead I ever had

  1. Posted by Jürgen Schrader on 18th Jul 2014
  2. Well, in fact I'd give 4.5 stars because everything can be improved. But the Carbone has no real flaws, and from all panoheads I've used so far (and trust me, these were a lot, including own designs), it's the one that fit's almost all my needs. To be honest, I also use an Atome and an Adjuste on certain occasions, but when it comes to carrying gear the Carbone is with me all of the time, because if needed I can use it with the entire range of equipment from small MFT to Canon 5D with a 100mm lens. I most appreciate the lightness and it's ease of use. The upper plunger and an index readable from the top are just priceless. With the 36 detents ring I even stopped changing detent settings (which due to the small screws is a pib anyway). That said, I'd wish there were 4 more lines on the plate so I wouldn't have to count when using 12 stops.
  1. Great product
  2. Posted by Ha on 25th Apr 2014
  3. I got this product 2 days after making the payment, which is lightning fast. This supprise me a lot, giving the fact that my house is 7hours time-zone away from UK!
    Regarding the product it self, the look and feels is great. And looks like a pro tool to show to your customers. There is also a table for each camera and lens combination setting, which make the setup process easier. I also got good support from the support team (Matt) :)

    There are issue that prevent me to put 5 stars though.
    1./ the small screws worn out too fast. I use the provided tool with it twice and now I cant loosen it anymore.

    If this happens then you're massively over tighten them. These screws are not structural, they simple stop the stainless cap from falling off.

    2./ I can't figure out how to change the wheel as there is no manual available yet.

    It's coming with the big update of our website.

    3,/ I spend quite sometimes figuring what is the use of black and white screws. Would be cool if I get some manual to read.

    It's coming with the big update of our website.

    4./ The Top degree pointer is not staying as I rotate the head. It is just not stable.

    I've never had this issue before nor has it been reported. You need to make sure it's central so it's not rubbing on the out dial.

    Beside those, I am happy with the purchase.