Atome Sigma 8mm f3.5

£ 245.00 GBP

The Atome is our precision panoramic rotator designed exclusively for use with fisheye lenses.

The Atome was designed to make the shooting of panoramic images and quick and pain free as possible.

Main benefits for the photographer include:

  • Super slim lens rings, allows 100% lens functionality
  • One finger quick release feature, quickly switch between panoramas and still photography
  • Twin bearing set-up reduces camera shake improving image sharpness, removing image ghosting during HDRi creation.

The Sigma 8mm f3.5 Atome features the first tilted design to allow the creation of full 360 x 180 degree panoramic images.
The 7.5 degree tilt improves the stitching quality at the zenith.

The Sigma 8mm f3.5 Atome ships as standard with a 4 stop rotator. Option detents of 2,3,6,8 or 12 stops are available.

P.S. By choosing an optional detent you may not be able to stitch your photos into a full 360 x 180 image.

If unsure please contact us before placing your order.

Will the Atome work with my tripod ?

YES, as long as your tripod has either a 3/8" thread or 1/4" thread then it's compatible with the Atome. We do however recommend a professional level tripod with a 3/8" thread.

Can I use a quick release plate with the Atome ?

You sure can, again any accessory that has a 1/4" or 3/8" thread is compatible. We do recommend attaching the Atome directly to the tripod.

Does the Atome have click-stops or do I have to guess the correct angle ?

Yes it has click-stops, the Atome uses a twin-bearing, sealed ball plunger set-up with a stainless steel base for extremely accurate click stops. Simply rotate the Atome and it will automatically click into the next correct position for your lens.

Can I use my non-fisheye lenses with the Atome ?

We're afraid not, the Atome is a single row panoramic rotator. It's sole design criteria was for use with fisheye lenses. This allowed us to keep the Atome as small, light and as simple as possible. We offer a full range of panoramic heads for use with all lenses.

Can I change the number of the click stops ?

Yes, the stainless steel base in the Atome sets the number of click stops. Swapping over the bases takes less than two minutes. We have Atome bases from 2 stops up to 12 stops. Instructions for changing the bases can be found in the manual section.

Can I use different lenses with my current Atome ?

Yes, as the Atome is completely modular you can re-configure your Atome for use with different lenses. In same cases you might only need an additional lens ring. For example, the Sigma 8mm base with 7.5º tilt can be used with the Canon 8-15mm, Samyang 8mm and Samyang 7.5mm.

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Built like a tank, but not as heavy as one.

Posted by JV on 19th Jul 2014

This rotator is really well built. Solid and sure. It's smaller than I expected, which means it fits well in the camera bag. Shipping to Los Angeles was fast and it was well packaged.

Great head – first test looked pretty good

Posted by Markus on 15th Jul 2014

Just four images but pretty nice and stiching was really easy. Very fast handling and shooting.
Here´s my first project:

For professional purposes

Posted by Pentti Sairanen on 17th Jun 2014

Atome Sigma 8 mm looks beautiful and feels very firm and professional, premium panohead. Works like a charm!

100% satisfied

Posted by Tony Oikonomou on 21st Apr 2014

I ordered my atome head for the sigma 8mm 3,5 lens, on the 11/4. On the 14 I got an email notifying me that the product has been shipped.Five days later the product was delivered to me. In total 8 days from UK to Greece.The product was packaged very carefully and was tested right away.The results were 100% accurate as expected.I would recommend 360 precision to anyone who is taking seriously his pano work.

Very good!

Posted by Unknown on 27th May 2016

It's very nice.
Simple but perfect.

By the way, I also bought a detent base.
But I received only one small size wrench. So I had to buy another big size wrench.
Please double check befor shipping.

Thanks ^^

Precision is not only the name!

Posted by Giulio Fratticioli on 24th Sep 2015

Deserve 5 stars. It's the best product for 360°pano, smart and easy to use. Solid and really good for set your lenses in your case without unmount the head.
Giulio Fratticioli Google Street View | Trusted Photographer

Brilliant product!

Posted by John Goulding on 10th Aug 2015

I bought the atome after 10 odd years using another pano head. I finally decided to take the plunge due to the weight of my other older product. That and the other product was designed to be used with many other lenses and cameras. Hence it tended to flex a little. The atome arrived very well packaged and i was impressed by the quality. Being made for the camera/lens combo i use it was a breeze to set up. Took a test pano in couple of minutes and it stitched perfectly. No nodal point to find, just screw on and shoot! I love it. Great buy. Should of got one years ago for Google pano shoots. This head will also go on top of my pole due to its lighter weight and centre of gravity. Thank you.

Great equipment

Posted by Nicole on 11th Jun 2015

Shipping was very quickly.

Thanks to Matthew for the good contact and support!!!

The best quality

Posted by Giulio Fratticioli on 16th May 2015

Hello world! I am a Google Trusted Photographer
I want to say thanks to Matthew for build a so strong, powerful and reiable heads.
I choice 360Precision for the best quality and first choice for 360° pictures. I resel the products in my 3 shops in Italy and I have 100% satified customers.
Hi reccomanded.

Sturdy and solid

Posted by Mart Stevens on 11th Feb 2015

The product was shipped on time, nicely wrapped in a solid box for shipment towards Holland. It was complete and it turned out to be even more sturdy as aspect ed.
I can not say anything about the conjunction with the Sigma lens since i still await that order (not from 360Precision)
Before purchase i had a good contact by live chat with Matthew Rogers who was able to give me all the information i needed.
In all very satisfied so far.


Posted by Unknown on 2nd Feb 2015

Very good equipment.

Great addition to my equipment

Posted by Unknown on 21st Jan 2015

Great piece of kit.... incredible well made, I'm sure it will last a life time. literally.
Also great company helped me out big time ...I recommend these guys and would say defiantly give them a call and discuss your requirements with them


Posted by Unknown on 9th Oct 2014



Posted by Unknown on 13th May 2016

Easy calibration, good images.