Adjuste MK2 - Nikon

£ 575.00 GBP

360Precision Adjuste

  • Ultimate in adjustability.
  • Compatible with ALL current DSLRs.
  • Including 1D/s/MK1/MK2/MK3 and D2/D3 bodies.
  • Pin registered mounting plates for D80/90, D200/300/600/700/800, S5Pro, 350D, 400/450D/550D/600D, 5D/MK1/MK2/MK3, 7D and D2X.
  • Multi-row and full spherical compatible.
  • Lightweight at 1.3kg for hiking and traveling.
  • Strongest adjustable locking mechanism.
  • Built in vertical stops every 5º. Compatible with lenses up to 300mm on full frame sensors
  • Smaller base footprint for easy nadir patching.
  • Multi-track detent system with 4,6,8 and 36  click stops as standard. Max 144 stops.
  • Settings available for over 1000 camera and lens combinations.

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An Outstanding product

Posted by P Murphy on 15th Sept 2016

An Outstanding product perfect for the job that it has to do. This is an upgrade for me from another product which was only fair to say the least. I saved "hard" for the Adjuste Mk 2 Panorama Head. The attention given to me by Matthew Rogers in person was very professional and is very refreshing to experience today. Of course I will recommend this product to my fellow photographers.  

Amazing Product

Posted by Yale Gurney on 5th Aug 2015

Amazing. I've been professional photographer for several years and have done mostly hand-held work. When I started 360degrees˚, I had done a TON of research and tried several panoheads and related products from the most well-known manufacturers and none were made quite as well as this, or designed as beautifully. It's really head and shoulders above anything AND it makes shooting panoramas THAT much easier to prepare for stitching.  

Solid build

Posted by Unknown on 16th Jun 2015

Great product, helpful advice and quick build and delivery. Done a few tests, looking forward to taking it out and about to capture so images.