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Precision360 - Atome Manual

Welcome to the Atome Rotator

Congratulations on your purchase of a Precision360 Atome ! The Atome is designed to compliment rather than replace our other panoramic tripod heads. The small & lightweight design of the Atome is primarily designed for travel panography; we realise that carrying a 360Precision Absolute up a mountain is an unenviable task!

Please do not infer that the Atome is inferior to our other models; in fact the Atome alone may prove enough hardware for hobbyist panoramic use.

As with our other products, this panohead is designed for specific lens and camera combinations. The lens specific requirement seems clear, but use of a fullframe or DX sensor may effect our recommendation as to the specific Atome that we should supply (e.g. some, such as the Sigma 8mm f3.5 Atome, can have a bracket which enables small upward tilt to ensure good zenith coverage, and detent options can change).

The consequence from this is that any Atome we supply to you will only need minor assembly before you can get shooting. Once setup there are no settings which can go wrong, so no spoiled shots. The nodal point is fixed and automatically setup. This is one of the main benefits of our design and manufacturing technique.

Due to the intimate contact between the lens ring and the lens we cannot guarantee that use of the Atome will not leave small mounting marks on your lens. The ability to make such a small panohead is only possible with a lens mount; we think this is a trade-off worth making. In our testing we have not seen any marking on the lens, but if a scratch on your lens housing is unacceptable we would recommend use of a different panohead from our range.