Join over 4,000 Atomes owners and find out how easy producing 360º virtual tour content can be.
 Best setup for : Virtual Reality / Stereo VR
 Super Lightweight for : Travel / Hiking panoramas
 Quick and easy for: Real estate virtual tours
 Repeatable results for: HDR images for 3D and CGI
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As with any tool or piece of equipment the ease of use and set-up can not only determine how much content you create but how professional the content is you end up creating.

We've all bought products that looked good and and we've had the best intentions of using them. But if it's not easy to setup, not easy to use and requires ongoing maintenance then our purchases sit on the shelf collecting dust.When we designed the Atome we wanted a panoramic rotator that required virtually no setup and one that non panoramic photographers alike could start use without any training.

After you receive your Atome the initial setup is complete in under 30 seconds. You then simply slide the lens ring into the holder, slide across the latch and you're good to go. And with the incredibly precise built-in click stops you can be assured every photo stitches perfectly.
Built-in precision click-stops, shoot faster, more accurate means fewer stitching issues, fewer rejected panoramas.
10 year warranty on our stainless steel detent base, extremely strong and built to last. User adjustable detent click strength. Swap out detent bases in under 2 minutes.
Precision360 Atome lens rings are designed to allow 100% lens functionality. No more blocked focus settings or lens switches.
Twin sealed bearings mean super smooth rotation, less chance of tripod movement which both add up to sharper photos.

Customer Testimonials

My name is Frank Clark, I have shot presidents birthplaces, national landmarks, and many small businesses. I take pride in my work and equipment.

Only two pieces of equipment have been with me from the beginning is my lens and my  360Precision Atome, everything else has been upgraded. I would like to say my 360 head is a tank. I beat it up all the time, have over 300 tours on it, which equals roughly 126,000 photos taken.

It has never failed me once. It is precise as the day it was made and arrived at my door. We now have 4 in the company and have no need to even look at another product. If you are in the market for a new or replacement head, the 360Precision Atome is a no brainer if you are serious about what you do.

Also here is a fun fact about the 360 it is constructed from stainless steel and anodized aluminum both very tough items, in theory you could use this thing underwater!


Will the Atome work with my tripod ?

YES, as long as your tripod has either a 3/8" thread or 1/4" thread then it's compatible with the Atome. We do however recommend a professional level tripod with a 3/8" thread.
Can I use a quick release plate with the Atome ?

You sure can, again any accessory that has a 1/4" or 3/8" thread is compatible. We do recommend attaching the Atome directly to the tripod.
Does the Atome have click-stops or do I have to guess the correct angle ?

Yes it has click-stops, the Atome uses a twin-bearing, sealed ball plunger set-up with a stainless steel base for extremely accurate click stops. Simply rotate the Atome and it will automatically click into the next correct position for your lens.
Can I use my non-fisheye lenses with the Atome ?

We're afraid not, the Atome is a single row panoramic rotator. It's sole design criteria was for use with fisheye lenses. This allowed us to keep the Atome as small, light and as simple as possible. We offer a full range of panoramic heads for use with all lenses.
Can I change the number of the click stops ?

YES, the stainless steel base in the Atome sets the number of click stops. Swapping over the bases takes less than two minutes. We have Atome bases from 2 stops up to 12 stops. Instructions for changing the bases can be found in the manual section.
Can I use different lenses with my current Atome ?

YES, as the Atome is completely modular you can re-configure your Atome for use with different lenses. In same cases you might only need an additional lens ring. For example, the Sigma 8mm base with 7.5º tilt can be used with the Canon 8-15mm, Samyang 8mm and Samyang 7.5mm.

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