Setting the camera slider position accurately is extremely important in achieving a perfectly stitched panorama. Luckily the 360Precision Adjuste allows for quick and precise adjustment of the camera/lens position. You should be able to repeatedly set the camera slider position to with 0.1mm

Step 1.
To be able to move the camera slider you need to loosen the locking screws, the locking screws are located behind the thumbscrew. If the thumbscrew is blocking the screws simply turn it to reveal them. Then loosen the first screw anti-clockwise. You only need to loosen the screws enough to allow the slider to move, you do not need to remove them completely.
Step 2.
Then loosen the second screw anti-clockwise. The camera slider should now be free to move.
Step 3.
Align the triangular marker with the correct position for your lens and camera. Then tighten the locking screws and you're ready to go.