Setting the camera slider position accurately is extremely important in achieving a perfectly stitched panorama. Luckily the 360Precision Adjuste allows for quick and precise adjustment of the camera/lens position. You should be able to repeatedly set the camera slider position to with 0.1mm

This image shows the measurement needed to accurately set the Adjuste elbow for your camera. The distance measured is from the base of the camera to the centre of the lens mount. For example, the D5100 base to centre mount is 43mm you would therefore set the elbow to 43mm.
The setting
The elbow ruler measurement is taken from the point the ruler enters the midplate as show in the highlighted area of this image.
Step 1.
The first step in adjusting the elbow is to gain access to the locking plate and locking screws. To do this you simply remove the top spirit plate. The spirit plate should not be over tightened so should be very easy to remove. The spirit plate loosens in an anti-clockwise direction.
Step 2.
To enable you to adjust the elbow you need to loosen the elbow locking plate. The elbow locking plate is locked into position using two m6 x 10mm screws. Again these screws loosen in an anti-clockwise direction using the supplied 4mm allen key. Loosen the first locking screw.

Step 3.
Loosen the second elbow locking screw.
Step 4.
Step 4 is moving the elbow to the correct setting. The alignment point is the position where the elbow ruler goes into the base on the right-hand side of the mid-plate.
Step 5.
Steps 5,6 and 7 are simply the reverse of steps 3,2 and 1. With the elbow in position tighten the locking screws. Please do not over tighten these screws. For semi-permanent set-ups you can apply a small amount Loctite to the screws.
Step 6.
Tighten the last remaining locking screw.
Step 7.
Re-attached the spirit plate. The spirit plate tightens in a clockwise direction. Again, be careful to not over tighten the spirit plate. Your head should now be set for use with your specific camera body.