The Precision360 Adjuste has been a resounding success. With thousands of units sold in the past seven years we couldn't be happier. Precision360 can count some of the largest and most prestigious special effects houses, Universities, car manufacturers, and industry professionals amongst its client list.

Feedback from our testers and customers has allowed us to refine the design, shed those last few grams and ultimately make the Adjuste the lightest*, strongest and easiest to use adjustable panoramic head on the market.

So what exactly makes the Adjuste different from the myriad of other adjustable panoramic heads ?
Here are just a few:

1. Extremely easy to set-up and use

An overriding factor when designing the Adjuste was ease of use. Existing adjustable panoramic heads were far too difficult and time consuming to adjust and adjust accurately. We also wanted an adjustable head that once adjusted was just as stable and accurate as the 360Precision Absolute.

2. Multi-pin registration plate

Here at Precision360 we're constantly striving to create the perfect adjustable panoramic head. And with the introduction of the new multi-pin registration plate we've taken a major step towards that goal. No other panoramic head offers the level of accuracy and ease of use that our pin registered plate offers.

There's no need to waste time levelling the camera on the head. There's also no risk of the camera and lens moving between shots or locations. Every time you attach your camera to the Precision360 Adjuste MK2 you're guaranteed that the camera is level and ready to go.

Our multi-pin plates cover the 400D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 5D, 5D MK II, 5D MK III, 5D MK IV, 5DS/R ,7D, D80/D90, D200, D300, D700, D2X and S5Pro. We now have custom plates for the 1DsMK1/MK2, MK3, Hasselblad H series and Phase One/Mamiya 645 bodies.

We also have a custom plates for the Nikon D7000, D7100, D600/D610, D800/D810 and the D850 plate is currently in production. For Canon we have custom plates for the 1Ds MK1, 1Ds MK 2, 1Ds MK3 and 1Dx.

3. High strength to weight ratio

Designing a lightweight panoramic head is easy, designing a lightweight head that can easily handle the heaviest camera and lens combinations is a challenge. Other lightweight panoramic heads make sacrifices to shed weight. These other lightweight heads seriously restrict which camera and lens combinations you can use which also limits future upgrade paths.

The Adjuste on the other hand was designed from the ground up to be fully compatible with the largest DSLRs including the Canon 1Dx range and the Nikon D5. You're also not restricted to fisheye or small zoom lenses. The Adjuste is just as comfortable with a 400mm telephoto as most other heads are with an 8mm fisheye.

4. Precision adjustment

A large part of the success of the Precision360 Absolute can be attributed to the accuracy of the set-up and the fact that the settings remain unchanged. The 360Precision Adjuste uses a unique twin locking screw set-up together with a large locking clamp. This design allows a large enough locking force to be applied to the camera slider assembly to guarantee that once you've locked in your settings they're not going to change, unless you want them to of course.

The same system is used to lock in the position of the elbow slider. The elbow slider is used to align the camera/lens centrally over the base of the Adjuste.

You also need to be able to accurately, quickly and simply set the camera slider and elbow slider. To help achieve the ease and accuracy of the set-up all sliding parts are coated with a special anodise lubrication. This not only makes fine tune adjusting more precise but the low friction helps to prevent wear and tear.

The alignment rulers have chemically etched markers filled with enamel and then baked at high temperatures. This process creates the most wear resistant alignment rulers available.

Only two pieces of equipment have been with me from the beginning is my lens and my  360Precision Atome, everything else has been upgraded. I would like to say my 360 head is a tank. I beat it up all the time, have over 300 tours on it, which equals roughly 126,000 photos taken.